Ferrocement Water Storage Tanks, Ferrocement Water Towers, Mumbai, India
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 •  Constructed using Ferrocement plates 25  mm  – 30 mm thick manufactured on  machinery  set up under controlled  conditions
 •  As strong as Steel plates
 •  Totally Waterproof
 •  Joints strong
 •  Constructed underground ground level  terraces, Towers
 •  Towers most efficient against earthquake  and  wind
 •  Self Wt. of tower less by about 50% of  R.C.C.
 •  Life time Durability.
 •  15 – 20% less cost vis-à-vis R.C.C.
 Self weight of tank body on Tower is less  by  50-60% against R.C.C.
 Earthquake forces and wind forces reduce  to  a large extent
 Ferrocement tower frame more durable,  stronger than R.C.C.
 Ferrocement tower frame does not require  normal repairs for life time
 Ferrocement tower and tank will not  collapse, may require nominal repairs even  under worst disasters
 Cost reduction by about 15- 20% as  compared to R.C.C.

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Ferrocement Water/Liquid Storage Tank
 •  built with Ferrocement plates better than steel plates
 •  No corrosion
 •  No off and on anti-corrosive Treatment
 •  Totally waterproof
 •  Water tower best to conventional
 •  Can be supported on Ferrocement beam, columns.
 •  No plates/Stone slab supports with beams required as in the case of plastic tanks
 Ferrocement tanks have been giving excellent performance since more than two decades. Our  Ferrocement  Water Storage tanks are proven and unique. The Ferrocement water Tower tanks are most  efficient from the  point of earthquake and wind. The main reason is that self-weight of the Ferrocement  water storage tank on the  tower is less by more than 50% as compared to RCC. The surfaces of tank,  have wire mesh immediately below.  As such no repairs are required during its life time except rarely. The  Ferrocement water storage tank consists of  ferrocement plates of sizes about 1.2 x 1.1 mtrs. or so  thickness about 20-30mm manufactured on machinery set  up under controlled conditions. These are as  strong as steel plates highly water proof and no phenomena of  corrosion. No off and on painting is  required as is for steel plate tanks. The water inside the tank shall remain  more cool as compared to steel  tank. These tanks are giving excellent performance. These tanks should give  excellent performance even  more than 30 years as per our information. We can carry out tanks of several lakhs  capacity underground  as well as overhead on tower or at terrace level. We have installed hundreds of  ferrocement water  storage tanks
1  Life of plastic tanks is about 12years since  plastic  is subjected to considerable expansion  and  contraction due to day to day temperature  variation. Plastic tanks will crack in due course  of  time as we experience in our day to day life.  Ferrocement tanks will last for about 25/30 years  and more since ferrocement is a structural water  proof material containing wire mesh  reinforcement  and can easily take the effect of  day to day and  seasonal temperature.
2  It has been reported that the taste of water stored  in plastic tanks is annoying and uncomfortable.  Water stored in plastic tanks gets heated up and is  uncomfortable for use in summer.  Water remains comparatively much cool and  hygienic and there is no bad taste or odour.  These  tanks can be insulated if required.
3  Plastic containers can be manufactured up to a  maximum capacity of 20000 liters.  Ferrocement tanks can be manufactured up to  any  limit, say several Lakhs liters.
4  Plastic tanks have weak bottom and has to be  supported by MS plate platform. In view of this rain  water gets trapped in between the contact surfaces  of the bottom. This will cause corrosion in due  course of time. It will also not be possible to apply  painting at these surfaces because the plastic tanks  cannot be removed from its position  off and on. Or  plastic tanks are supported on  RCC  or cement  concrete platform.  Ferrocement tanks have strong bottoms and are  supported on ferrocement beam frame work.  There is no question of phenomena such as  corrosion.
5  Plastic tanks cannot be put under-ground.  Ferrocement tanks of any capacity can be  provided  underground
6  Plastic can be attacked by rodents.  Ferrocement tanks cannot be attacked by  rodents.
7  To best of our knowledge plastic tanks have been  banned in CPWD.  Ferrocement tanks are being accepted more and  more.
8  It is reported some times plastic tanks when empty  are blown away in heavy wind or cyclone.  This is not the case with Ferrocement Water  Tanks.
1   Life of M.S. tanks is about 10 years for 4mm  thick  plates.Heavy repairs start after about  6years life.  Ferrocement tanks lasts for 30 years and more  with  negligible maintenance, no painting, no  repairs.
2  Water becomes hot in summer.  Water becomes less hot and takes more time.
3  Water becomes polluted with rust formation  and  requires to be cleaned often.   There is no phenomenon of rust formation. The  tank  is required to be cleaned only for removal  of  silt  deposition.
 1  Life of RCC tank is 30 to 40 years and it can  require heavy repairs and maintenance after  about  10 to 15 years.  Ferrocement tanks will last for about 25 to 30  years  and more, since ferrocement is a tructural  waterproof  material containing wire mesh  reinforcement, and can  easily take the effect of  day-to-day and seasonal  temperature.
 2  RCC tanks require waterproofing treatment.  Ferrocement tanks themselves are waterproof  and  no  waterproofing treatment is required.
3  Self-weight of RCC tanks is about 4 times that  of  Ferrocement tanks.  Ferrocement tanks are very much less in  self- weight  and can be shifted upto 5000 liters  capacity.
4  RCC tanks create more earthquake and wind  force.  Ferrocement tanks create very less earthquake  and  wind force.
5  Thickness of walls, bottoms, slab is  comparative  much more than ferrocement  tanks.  Ferrocement tanks create very less earthquake  and  wind force.
6  To take load of 12.5 tons of water self-load of  RCC  tank shall be about 30-40 tons.  To take load of 12.5 tons of water self-load of  Ferrocement tank shall be about 2.5tons only.
1 Self Weight  Self-weight of ferrocement water tower  tank  is about 60% less than that of  RCC.  Self weight of RCC water tower tank is  more than 250% that of ferrocement  water tower tank.
2 Durability  Ferrocement being crack resistant  material, it is very much durable with no  repairs requirement up to 50years.  RCC is generally cracked section  material.  It is deteriorates after 15-20  years.  Therefore itrequires early repairs.
3 Strength  Ferrocement has high strength to weight  ratio.  RCC has much low strength to weight  ratio  as compared to ferrocement.
4 Foundation

 Cost of foundation of ferrocement water  tower tank is less than that of RCC.  Foundation of ferrocement frame is  convenient on weak soil.

 Cost of foundation is higher than that of  ferrocement. Weak soil requires costly  foundation such as pilling or any other.
5 Pre-gunited Structures  The surface of beams, columns, floors,  have wire mesh reinforcement layers  immediately below, by about 5mm.The  wire mesh reinforcement is of small dia  and at close spacing. Therefore it resists  crack formation very efficiently. There  are at least two layers of wire mesh.  There is no such arrangement in the case  of RCC frame. RCC sections generally  being cracked are vulnerable to  atmospheric polluted gases entry.  Therefore more prone to early  deteriorations of reinforcements and  spalling of concrete.
6 Waterproofing  Ferrocement water tower tank does not  require any waterproofing treatment.
 Waterproofing of walls and floor has to be  exclusively carried out.
7 Roof  The roof of Ferrocement water tower  tanks is very much durable and the soffit  does not deteriorate as in the case of  RCC.  The soffit of RCC water tower gets  deteriorated after 10-12years and if not  attended immediately, the whole slab has  to be re-casted.
8 Earthquake and wind resistance

 Ferrocement frame of water tower is  very much ductile. The earthquake and  wind forces are very low because the  self  weight of the ferrocement water  tower  tank is very low.

 In case of RCC water tower tank  earthquake and wind forces are very  high.  Because of comparatively very high  self  weight.
9 Life Cycle Cost  Life Cycle cost of ferrocement water  tower tanks is very low as compared to  RCC.  Life cycle cost of RCC frame is very high.
10 Cost  Cost of ferrocement water tower tanks is  about 15% less than that of RCC.  Cost of RCC water tower tanks is about  20% more than that of Ferrocement.
11 Ladders  The ladders/ staircase for water tower  tanks shall also be constructed out of  ferrocement, which is more durable with  less/nil maintenance.
 The ladders of RCC water towers are  generally made out of steel. These  require  regular maintenance. It may be  required  to be replaced if heavy  deterioration.

Ferrocement Underground, Overhead & Ground Level Water Storage Tanks
 Ferrocement  Hexogen water  storage tank  supported on  RCC Beams and  columns for CIDCO.  Capacity 5000 liters  Ferrocement
 underground water
 storage tank with  Pump House for  CIDCO. Capacity  35000 liters
 Ferrocement  Rectangular
 Water storage tank
 supported on
 Ferrocement Beams
 capacity 5000 liters
 Ferrocement  Underground
 Cylindrical water
 storage tank for TIFR.  Capacity 50000 liters
 Ferrocement  Rectangular
 Water storage tank
 supported on
 Ferrocement Beams
 capacity 5000 liters
 Ferrocement Spherical  water storage tank supported on RCC
 columns and precast
 concrete Blocks for
 JNPT. Capacity 2000
 Underground water  storage tank size  (3.6x2.4x1.5mtrs.ht.).  Selfweight of this tank  is about 3.5 tonnes as  compared to 12.5  tonnes of RCC. Thus  very easy for handling. Such tanks  on a tower shall  reduce cost of tower  and very efficient to  resist earthquake and  wind. Only because of  less self-weight,
 the tank was  assembled on
 ground and than  lowered into a pit.
 A ferrocement water  tank could efficiently  take onslaught of  falling coconut tree  with nominal damage
 in view of very  high- energy  absorbing  capacity.  The repair cost was a  fraction of cost of the  tank, which
 would require total
 replacement of it was
 plastic or steel tank

Ferrocement Underground, Overhead & Ground Level Water Storage Tanks
Ferrocement Water Tank
Such type of support are not
required of Ferrocement Tanks
Such type of support are not
required of Ferrocement Tanks
Ferrocement Tanks 40000 ltrs. capacity. Water storage tank size 6 × 3.6 × 1.8 mtrs. ht. at Karjat.
Ferrocement plates about 1" thk. equivalent to steel plates, fixed in space frame,
far superiorto RCC having wall thickness 6 to 8"
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