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* Constructed using Ferrocement plates
   25 mm – 30 mm thick manufactured on machinery    set up under controlled conditions
* As strong as Steel plates
* Totally Waterproof
* Joints strong
* Constructed underground ground level terraces,    Towers
* Towers most efficient against earthquake and wind
* Self Wt. of tower less by about 50% of R.C.C.
* Life time Durability.
* 15 – 20% less cost vis-à-vis R.C.C.
Ferrocement Structurals score over Steel Structurals
* There is no corrosion phenomena.
   Our Nation spends Rs.240,000 crores every    year on corrosion
* Reinforcement of Ferrocement Structure is    variable as per stress Development along    length of structural member. Hence reduction    of steel material. Steel structural has constant    material content along its length
* Easy to manufacture
* Economical in the long run
* Plates of plate girder and stiffeners    incorporated during manufacture
* Reduction of mining of iron ore from mother    earth
* Reduction of carbon dioxide generation at 1.5    ton per ton of steel production
* Energy saving
* It is economical Therefore Ferrocement    structures are superior to steel structures
Ferrocement Water/Liquid Storage Tank

* Built with Ferrocement plates better than steel plates.
* No corrosion.
* No off and on anti-corrosive Treatment.
* Totally waterproof.
* Water tower best to conventional.
* Can be supported on Ferrocement beam, columns.
* No plates/Stone slab supports with beams required as in the case of plastic tanks.
Comparison With Reinforced  Cement Concrete
Sketches of R.C.C. & 
Ferrocement Sections
Ferrocement in 
Building Industry
Alternative to Steel Plates 
& Structurals
Tanks, Containers, Silos,
Effluent Treatment 
Plant Structures
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