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Ferrocement Membrane Waterproofing is a structural treatment
 - cannot be punctured
 - resists wear and tear
 - is permanent with nil / negligible maintenance
 - solution to chronic leakages
 - It is unique
 Waterproofing to R.C.C. structure is carried out with modern material known as Ferrocement. It is carried out  generally in two layers of about 8 mm thickness each layer. It consists of iremesh reinforced cement matrix  layers which are vibrated in situ. The top surface also vibrated finished smooth with non-metallic fibres  impregnation. The cement matrix and wiremesh layers are laid alternately. Each cement matrix layer is laid on a  bond coat for assured integrity. Each wiremesh layer is fixed with u-clips to the base.
 The performance of the treatment is most excellent. Because in situ low water cement ratio cement matrix is  vibrated and become dense with nil/negligible pores. The wiremesh layers generally two nos. prevent crack  formation, if at all due to shrinkage, temperature or structural relative movements. Therefore the treatment is  durable and permanent. It takes ware and tare efficiently due to certain admixtures. The wiremesh layers add  strength to the main structure in addition to crack formation prevention. It is laid on insulated foundation layer of  about average thickness of 40 mm. There will be dead load reduction to conventional brickbat coba treatment. It  adds strength to base structure.
    The waterproofing of the tank from inside  saved the same from getting demolished.  There are other instances of tanks where  several types of water -proofings failed.
 Waterproofing of subways and basements is best carried out using Ferrocement waterproof panels boxing.  Ferrocement waterproof panels are manufactured on machinery set up under controlled conditions. The panels  are manufactured with least water cement ratio of around 0.35, well vibrated mechanically and sand cement  ratio about 2.5. Wire mesh layers confine cement matrix and makes all the more resistant to crack formations if  at all. The panels are laid horizontally on plain cement concrete for raft and joined with high quality vibrated  cement duly welded and wire mesh lapping. Therefore panels are totally waterproof. On these panels  reinforcement of raft is laid and concreting carried out with total Waterproofing provision.
 For walls reinforcement is erected waterproof panels are erected vertically on the outside. The wall panels  are  connected with ferrocement panels of raft. The panels act as formwork. Concreting of walls is carried out with  conventional formwork on the inside. Thus wood/steel shuttering is eliminated on the outside. To that extent,  cost of formwork is reduced. The reinforcement of Ferrocement panels for raft as well as walls can reduce the  reinforcement of raft and walls to certain extent. The Ferrocement Formwork panels add strength to raft and  walls. Ferrocement precast panel boxing is most efficient and assured waterproof treatment leaving no chance  for any leakages.
Ferrocement structures | Highrise buildings | Inbuilt Ferrocement Structural Formwork | Ferrocement scores over R.C.C. | Ferrocement structurals score over Steel Structurals | Ferrocement plated RCC structures | Horizontal And Vertical Extension Of RCC  Buildings | Water Storage Tanks, Underground, Overhead, Tower | Repairs, Rehabilitation Retrofitting | Waterproofing | Mini structures | Corrosion resistance | Earthquake resistance | Disaster resistance | Roofing | Rainwater Harvesting | Elevation Pergola Cladding | Vehicular bridges | Foot bridges | Irrigation Structures | Swimming pools | Ships, boats, barges, docks
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