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* Most effective as it is structural treatment
* Vibration and wiremesh Reinforced Layers make the mortar dense and    crack resistant
* Most durable treatment even after one and a half decades
* Fire resistant upto 7500C for 48 hours
* Can be made to resist high temperature.
* Crashed RCC. balconies best replaced by ferrocement balconies with    selfweight reduction and least disturbance to occupants.
* Existing room area can be extended by a meter or so
* Chhajja attachment by indigenous anchoring system with no bracket    requirement.
* Jacketing of column and beams 40-50 mm thk.
* Prevention of buckling of columns.
* Crack formation along reinforcement even after repairs by other    systems shall not take place Weather shed
Ferrocement Cantilever
can be planned to be Longer than R.C.C.
Cantilever because of less
Self-weight and high strength.
These Canti-levers can take earthquakes
and cyclones more efficiently than

Ferrocement Balcony
* Much lighter than R.C.C.
* Best against earthquake and cyclones
* Best replacement to crashed R.C.C.
* New balcony can be attached to entire
* No disturbance to the occupants
Weather shed Chhajja attachment with Ferrocement plates

* Attachment by innovative anchoring system
* joint with building totally waterproof
* Integrates with building
* Brackets generally provided for conventional are eliminated

Ferrocement Repairs & Rehabilitation

Ferrocement is the latest rehabilitation material, very effective due to its crack arrest mechanism, high tensile strength, waterproof quality and toughness.
The crack resistant quality is ensured by evenly distributed reinforcement in the form of wire mesh layers. The galvanised wires are spaced at 6mm to 12mm. Since there are layers of wire mesh the unreinforced cement matrix material is far less as compared to the standard guniting treatment where the unreinforced Cement mortar is of size about
7.5 x 7.5 x 2.5cm.
Therefore ferrocement treatment is much durable as compared to guniting. Final finished surface can consist of vabrated cement matrix with non-metallic fibres.

Crashed Balcony

Closed view of new ferrocement
Balcony with roof drop pardi and weather Shed for CPWD, Bhandup

Overall view of new set of
Ferro cement balconies from
Gr. to 4th Floor

Ferrocement rehabilitation protective membrance treatment has additional qualities as mentioned below : 

* It is normally fire resistant up to 750°C for a period of 48 hours or more Epoxy treatment starts losing strength at    low temperature of about 45°C or so and become brittle due to ultraviolet rays if exposed to sunlight. 

* The structure become more energy absorbing and explosion resistant. 

* The strength of the existing structural members can be increased by application of this protective membrane. The    applies to the structures erroneously designed and requiring restoration or where strength of structure is required    to be increased. 

* The treatment can be applied in patches, e.g. at junction of columns, beams, at midspan of beams, slabs. Therefore    economical in cost. 

* The treatment around the columns contribute less increase in dimension as compared to RCC jacketing which is    cumbersome because of shuttering and reinforcement rods. 

* The treatment is highly ductile and tough.

Old RCC chhajas 125mm thick replaced with new
ferrocement chhajas 30mm thick with assured waterproofing at junctions of for Reserve Bank of India

Old deteriorated leaking weather shed over balcony replaced with new ferrocement waterproof weather shed with assured waterproofing at junction, for Co-Op-Hsg. Society at Vidyavihar

This treatment applied to some structures at Indian Institute of Technology, Powai, as well as to the Institution of Engineers' Building at Mahalaxmi, CPWD Residential Complex at Bhandup, Bombay and other places is giving satisfactory performance.

Comparison With Reinforced  Cement Concrete
Sketches of R.C.C. & 
Ferrocement Sections
Ferrocement in 
Building Industry
Alternative to Steel Plates 
& Structurals
Tanks, Containers, Silos,
Effluent Treatment 
Plant Structures
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