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Total Water Harvesting by Ferrocement Technology (Rain) water Harvesting using Ferrocement Technology
 - Water shall be considered as important as oil  - Drain Precast 2.4-3.00 Mtrs. long space saving
 - There is going to be shortage of water upto 30 to     40% by 2030  - Precasting on machinery set up under controlled     conditions
 - Water has to be conserved at any cost.  - Any cross section
 - Further let us stop all the river water flowing into     the sea  - Fast construction – More faster with crane
 - There has to be a crusade to save water  - Least execution time
 - Ferrocement is the best technology for the river     water harvesting, nalla water harvesting, rivulet     water harvesting, hill water harvesting and rain     water harvesting.  - Perforated precast cover –easily removable for    thorough cleaning
  - The harvesting system shall reduce the     temperature around the storage area  - No manholes
 - There may be plenty of greenery all around also.  - Long perforated cover Ferrocement tanks for     storage 25-30 mm walls bottom and top Space     saving Any capacity
   - Less space occupation
   - With Filtration Boring arrangement
Ferrocement (Rain) Water Harvesting System
 - Terrace Rain Water Harvesting is meager
 - Let us do terrace and land, rain water, nalla water, rivulet water, river water, low lying area    water harvesting or any water harvesting
 - And stop rain water from flowing into the sea
 - For this our Ferrocement Water harvesting system is most appropriate


 Rain water harvesting has become very much significant, in view of the realization that water has become very  much scarce and it is going to be very critical problem in due course of time or perhaps very shortly. Rain water  harvesting has become the talk of the town in big cities.


 In big cities, it is being made compulsory for large size residency to have rain water harvesting system. For the  present, drains are being constructed with conventional materials such as brick/stone masonry, and R.C.C. side  drains are being constructed. Rain water is made to flow through these drains to centralized water storage tank.  From this tank, the water is expected to be used for the nondomestic and gardening purposes. The water storage  tank is of brick masonry or R.C.C.


 The drains for flow of rain water and the tank for storage of rain water is best constructed using Ferrocement  technology, which is far superior, durable having least maintenance, least self weight and most tidy. The  ferrocement drains are machine made precast products about 2.4 to 5 metres long with covers with perforations  of the same length about 25 mm thick. The surfaces of these drains are very strong and not eroded by flow of  water. The bottom and sides of the water storage tanks consist of ferrocement plates with space frame. These  plates are about 25 mm thick, waterproof, strong, durable and have least maintenance.

Ferrocement Drains & Tanks Drains & Tanks of conventional material

 The components of ferrocement drains,  covers and storage tank are machine  made  having assured quality. These are  brought  to  site and placed manually or  using small  crane.

 The conventional material consists of brick, stones,  cement mortar, plaster etc. The R.C.C., if adopted is  cumbersome, since shuttering, bar bending,  reinforcement placing,concrete and deshuttering etc.  is required to be done.


 There is no phenomena of any plaster  application. The manufactured surfaces are  smooth, better than plaster surfaces.

 The plaster has to be applied to the drains as well as  to the surfaces of water storage tank. This plaster  gets eroded after some years and it has to be redone.

 The ferrocement has unparallel feature of  waterproof quality. There are no leakages  through ferrocement drains as well as the  tanks. The joints are very much leak proof.
 In the case of brick masonry and stone masonry  drains and storage tank, leakage problems do come  up sometimes very shortly or in due course of time.
 Ferrocement drains and water storage tank  consist of thin ferrocement plates about 25  mm thick. There is very much large quantum  of space saving.
 The brick masonry and stone masonry drains and  tanks have comparatively very large thicknesses and  occupy more space. The walls of R.C.C. are also very  large as compared to that of ferrocement.
 The ferrocement drains and water storage  tanks construction saves space to a very  large extent. This is most significant in cities  where there is a shortage of space.
 No doubt the space occupied by conventional  materials is much more. This is most significant in  cities, where there is a shortage of space.
 No manhole cover is required for  ferrocement drains. Covers to the  ferrocement drains are removable for  cleaning. These are 2.5 mtr. long and can be  easily handled.
 In the case of brick masonry and stone masonry  drains, the covers are of small size, heavy and  difficult to handle. Other portion of drain are covered  with R.C.C. slab.
 Thus the cleaning of drains is most  convenient at reasonably low cost.
 The cleaning of drains is cumbersome and costly are  not satisfactory.
 Ferrocement rectangular underground water storage tank with Pump House for CIDCO.
 Capacity 35000 litres. The tanks can be constructed at terrace level as well as over a tower.
 Ferrocement channels, 2.4 m to 5 mtrs. long with perforated covers of the same length (not shown). The  joints are leakproof. The channels are most efficient for roadside drains and irrigation water  transportation.
 For urban areas i.e. cities and towns, roadside drains using Ferrocement technology is of great advantage  avoiding inconvenience and disturbance to the public as well as traffic movement.
 The work at site shall reduce considerably because precasting of road side drains along with covers  shall be carried out in precasting yard.
 As regards R.C.C. road side drains (a) the time taken for construction is quite large (2) the process  of excavation, shuttering, reinforcement placing, concreting and final laying of cover slabs is quite  cumbersome, disturbing and inconvenient to the BMC organisation as well as the public. The quality  control is many times in doubt.
3)  The task of cleaning the drains is very much difficult, arduous and perhaps the drain might get filled  up to almost full after a lapse of some years. The reasons being the cleaning staff has to enter  through manhole in a space of about 10 ft. spacing and clean. In the case of Ferrocement drains,  covers of length of 2.4 mtrs. to 3 mtrs. can be made to handled manually or by a very light crane.  These covers can be removed, set aside and whole drain is open for cleaning. This cleaning can be  conveniently done by means bucket excavation. The system shall be very much efficient, subject to  easy supervision and check and may be economical.
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