Corrosion Resistance, Earthquake Resistance, Disaster Resistance, Mumbai, India
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 Ferrocement structures
 Highrise buildings
 Inbuilt Ferrocement Structural Formwork
 Ferrocement scores over R.C.C.
 Ferrocement structurals score over Steel  Structurals
 Ferrocement plated RCC structures
 Horizontal And Vertical Extension Of RCC  Buildings
 Water StorageTanks Underground  Overhead  Tower
 Repairs, Rehabilitation Retrofitting
 Mini structures
 Corrosion resistance
 Earthquake resistance
 Disaster resistance
 Ferrocement - The best fire resistant
 material of construction
 Rainwater harvesting
 Elevation Pergola Cladding
 Vehicular bridges
 Foot bridges
 Irrigation Structures
 Swimming pools
 Ships, boats, barges, docks
 Ferrocement Furniture
To know Ferrocement in general one can take days. Ferrocement Facets have been prepared for the reader to know fast the wide field of Ferrocement applications.

Ferrocement is wonder technology set to have impact on many aspects such as
* Saving of iron ore from Mother earth, minerals, water and power
* Saving of human lives, billions of dollars due to collapse of properties after all disasters such as earthquakes,    cyclones, floods, fire etc.
* Reduction of corrosion costs and frequencies of mitigation
* Reduction/nullifying of maintenance costs of structures

  Following information on applications are under preparation:-
* Marine
* Irrigation
* Transmission Line towers
* Mobile towers, watch towers,
* Bridges & jetty
* Walkways
* Sound insulation for diesel generators enclosures etc.
* Affluent treatment plant structures
* Pile casings
* Temperature insulation for Cold rooms
* Fire Resistance

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