Ferrocement Porta Cabin Structures, Ferrocement Porta Cabin, Mumbai, India
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Ferrocement Porta Cabin Structures

Ferrocement Security Cabin size  2.4x2.4x2.4 & 3.3 mtr.ht. with  sliding aluminium window,
 doors and pyramid decoration  roof  coloured and band at  ground level.

 Ferrocement Security Cabin size  2.4x2.4x2.4 &  3.3  mtr.ht. with  telephone shelf and register  shelf.  This cabin  is seen far superior and  elegant  to wooden cabin, which  require plastic sheet on  roof and  which deteriorate after  five-six  years  giving shabby appearance.  While  ferrocement  cabin shall be  the same even after a  decade.

Police Chowkey at  CFS for  JNPT,  Nhava- Sheva
 Significant Characteristics  The Structure  size 6x3x2.1  M- Mtrs. height. The walls  and roofs are cast in situ.  Ferrocement  plates about  25mm thick. Therefore  carpet area is more as  compared to  brickwork  structures. The Roof is  supported on stiffener  columns and  ferrocement  walls. Since the structures  is  light weight and strong, it is  supported on strip beam  foundation  30mm below the  ground.
Ferrocement Security Cabin size with telephone shelf and register shelf. This cabin is seen far superior and elegant for  a society at  Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

 Ferrocement Security Cabin. with  telephone shelf and register shelf.  This cabin is seen far superior and  elegant for a society at Bandra,  Carter Road.
 Ferrocement Floating Police Chowky  Petrol Pump, hotels, bldgs. Etc.
 Broken, deteriorated wooden  cabin. No such phenomena with  Ferrocement cabins.
This MS steel porta cabins have projected vertical elevation which is not elegant as the elevation of ferrocement porta cabins.
These Porta cabins corrode inspite of protective coatings and after some years require replacement whereas ferrocement cabins last for decades.
The internals of MS steel porta cabins requires plywood with insulation on walls whereas ferrocement wall surfaces do not require plywood and it does not require insulation if no air-conditioning. Insulation cost is much less.
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