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We are civil engineers practicing Ferrocement  technology since 25 years with international  exposure.  We update our Ferrocement executions  with our  exposure to research experiments and  practices  carried out by our counterparts throughout the world.  We  are  one of the very few who put into practice,  observation  of research results. This is to the  benefit  of our  esteemed clients. We are innovative,  experimental  research and development business  organisation in  Ferrocement technology. Our  latest innovations are (a) Ferrocement structural joist,  channels alternative to steel structurals (b) Inbuilt  Ferrocement plate shuttering reducing construction  cost and time. We are reliable, responsible, credit  worthy organization to carry out ferrocement work  in  professional manner. We carry out turnkey projects  including planning, designing, and  construction.  Ferrocement is a thin section material  very strong,  durable with least maintenance.  Ferrocement is a  modern material mostly  troubleshooting and  problem solving in comparison to conventional. There  are  many  excellent applications of Ferrocement  Technology, the  latest being high rise buildings. Our  Ferrocement as a  material is strong, durable, crack  resistant, water  proof, fire resistant, energy  absorbing, disaster  resistant, pollution resistant,  environment  friendly, most suitable for precasting,  alongwith  cast in situ  construction with scope of fast  production  processing most suitable for rainwater  harvesting  structures. Ferrocement is a thin section  material  manufactured on machinery set up under  controlled  conditions. It consists of high quality of  cement matrix,  admixtures, wire mesh layers and  light structural steel  and fibres. It is a primary  material when used  along with RCC, also with  shuttering elimination cost  reduction with provision  of  prestressing.
 Ferrocement structures
 Highrise buildings
 Inbuilt Ferrocement Structural Formwork
 Ferrocement scores over R.C.C.
 Ferrocement structurals score over Steel  Structurals
 Ferrocement plated RCC structures
 Horizontal And Vertical Extension Of RCC  Buildings
 Water StorageTanks Underground  Overhead  Tower
 Repairs, Rehabilitation Retrofitting
 Mini structures
 Corrosion resistance
 Earthquake resistance
 Disaster resistance
 Ferrocement - The best fire resistant
 material of construction
 Rainwater harvesting
 Elevation Pergola Cladding
 Vehicular bridges
 Foot bridges
 Irrigation Structures
 Swimming pools
 Ships, boats, barges, docks
 Ferrocement Furniture
 Shri J. A. Desai has been practicing Ferrocement  Technology since last about 30 years. He has  developed
 Ferrocement plates in lieu of steel plates in the  year  about 1984. Since then he has been using  these  plates  mainly for construction of water  storage  tanks. Later  on he developed  Ferro- cement slabs,  beams, columns  etc. These  products in the form of  thin section was  used for  different applications such  as Elevations,  roofs,  Repairs, rehabilitation and  retrofittings,  Waterproofing with in-situ applications  etc.
 Later on Horizontal extension of buildings,  Ferrocement  plated RCC structures with inbuilt  Formwork with steel reinforcement incorporated  mostly in the RCC formwork itself, the formwork  being remained permanently in the structures. He  has read papers in National as well as  International  seminars, workshops, symposium  papers of  Ferrocement works carried out by him.  He has  developed many applications of  Ferrocement  Technology for Earthquake  resistance, disaster  resistance, fire resistance,  Rain water harvesting.
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Ferrocement structures | Highrise buildings | Inbuilt Ferrocement Structural Formwork | Ferrocement scores over R.C.C. | Ferrocement structurals score over Steel Structurals | Ferrocement plated RCC structures | Horizontal And Vertical Extension Of RCC  Buildings | Water Storage Tanks, Underground, Overhead, Tower | Repairs, Rehabilitation Retrofitting | Waterproofing | Mini structures | Corrosion resistance | Earthquake resistance | Disaster resistance | Roofing | Rainwater Harvesting | Elevation Pergola Cladding | Vehicular bridges | Foot bridges | Irrigation Structures | Swimming pools | Ships, boats, barges, docks
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