Inbuilt Ferrocement Structural Formwork, Ferrocement High Rise Buildings, Mumbai, India
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Inbuilt Ferrocement Structural Formwork

 Thin section Formwork for slabs, beams,  columns
 Manufactured on machinery set-up
 Reinforcemet of slabs, beams, columns  incorporated in Formwork body
 If required, additional reinforcement can be  provided
 Formwork to be left permanently in the structure
 Time saving by about 10-15% and Cost saving  about 10%
 The wiremesh in the formwork makes the  structures strong with no/negligible requirement  for  repairs in the life of the structure
 All inbuilt formwork for slabs, beams, columns of  the building is well connected and monolith
 It makes the structure best earthquake and cyclone  resistant with least damages
 The structure shall not require repairs almost for  life time.
 The structure shall resist fire upto 750oC for 48  hours temperature and duration can be increased
 Ferrocement structures
 Highrise buildings
 Inbuilt Ferrocement Structural Formwork
 Ferrocement scores over R.C.C.
 Ferrocement structurals score over Steel  Structurals
 Ferrocement plated RCC structures
 Horizontal And Vertical Extension Of RCC  Buildings
 Water StorageTanks Underground  Overhead  Tower
 Repairs, Rehabilitation Retrofitting
 Mini structures
 Corrosion resistance
 Earthquake resistance
 Disaster resistance
 Ferrocement - The best fire resistant
 material of construction
 Rainwater harvesting
 Elevation Pergola Cladding
 Vehicular bridges
 Foot bridges
 Irrigation Structures
 Swimming pools
 Ships, boats, barges, docks
 Ferrocement Furniture

Ferrocement High Rise Buildings

 reduce cost by about 10% of R.C.C.
 reduce time of construction by about 10% of  R.C.C.
 eliminates formwork of columns, beams, slabs
 environment friendly
 inbuilt structural formwork
 is more durable, waterproof than R.C.C.
 do not require major repairs in its life time
 remain almost in tact during earthquake and  cyclone
 can swing by a metre or so with no damage
 resist fire for almost 48 hours 750o C and can be  made to resist higher temperatures.
 has less self-weight by about 50% of R.C.C.
 Ferrocement is a low self-weight construction
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