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 The ferrocement roof consists panels size 1.5mtrs.x1.2mtrs. approximately and ferrocement portal and purlins  replacing AC sheets and structurals steel trusses and purlins. Unlike AC sheet Metal, FRP roof all the ferrocement  panels are joined monolithically. There will be no nuts and bolt arrangement as in the case of AC sheet Metal,  FRP roofs. But ferrocement panels shall be connected to the purlins and portal by welding and in-situ vibrated  cement matrix application. Or Ferrocement mega tiles of size 1.5 x 1.2 mtr. or more are laid just like Mangalore  tiles with most effective interlocking arrangement to prevent rain water entry below. There will be least heat  transfer as compared to AC sheets etc. The space below the roof shall be neat and clean since the steel trusses  are eliminated. There will be far better storage space below without obstruction.

 The ferrocement roof is superior as compared to A.C. sheets roof and metal sheets as below: -

 Ferrocement can be monolith, jointless roof eliminating trusses and purlins nuts and bolts and joints  as  in the case of AC sheet/ Metal sheets roof.

 Ferrocement roof shall transfer much less heat as compared to AC sheet/ Metal sheets roof. It can be  fully insulated against heat transfer. Jointless ferrocement roof prevent humidity transfer inside.

 Since structural trusses, purlins are eliminated space there is more storage space.

 Since ferrocement roof is monolith, there is no phenomenon such as cracking as in the case of AC sheet/ Metal  sheets roof and leakage of rainwater and corrosion of nuts and bolts, therefore, least maintenance operations.  Soffit of ferrocement roofs is neat and clean as compared to AC sheet/ Metal sheets roof since there are no steel  trusses or tubular trusses.

 In the long run ferrocement roof are very economical.

 The performance of gutters and valleys is superior. Because these are integral with roof.

 The life of tubular truss roof is much less in view of earlier loss of strength due to corrosion.

 Wooden trusses purlins require replacement off and on. In ferrocement roof, no replacement is  necessary.

 Ferrocement roof is trouble free and durable for decades.
 Ferrocement ROOFING –I/II:
 The structural steel  frame  work of  portals and   purlins in position  being  made ready for  insitu   ferrocement  concrete work. Span  12.2 Meter
 View of the roof  from inside The  fans  and  lectrical   fittings  attached  to roof  can  been  seen.
 Ferrocement roof for the corrodo view from the  inside.
View of the roof from top. Ready for matrix
 The Structure size 6x3x2.1 M- Mtrs. height.The  walls  and roofs are cast in situ. Ferrocement  plates about  25mm thick. Therefore carpet area  is more as  compared to brickwork
 This is a complete Kiosk structure with  ferrocement  foundation, walls, columns and roofs.
 Most appropriate for resorts structure and fast  food  kiosks.
 View of the roof from inside and supporting  system  for a society Apartment.
View of the roof from outside
Ferrocement beam being lifted to 8th floor level Ferrocement roof panel being lifted to 8th floor level
Ferrocement ROOFING –II/II:
 This is a roof of a small structure with cast insitu  treatment. The white band all around is also of  ferrocement. The size of the roof is 6x3x1.2 Mtr.  ht.
 This is inside of the roof consisting of ferrocement  portals and purlins. All cast insitu
 finish smooth. Electrical installation fixed to the  roof is  visible.
 Ferrocement structurals trusses and purlins to  support roof panels
 Ferrocement roof interlocking tiles size 1.2x0.9mt.  X20mm thick. Size can be increased to 2.4 x 1.2  mtrs.  x 25mm thick or so and laid in position with  new  arrangement supported by
 ferrocement portal
 Dome  Dia.4.00  Apex  1.5 M.  and  thickness  25mm.  smooth  finish  on top on  sofit. No water  proofing  treatment  necessary.
Corroded metal roof, Detroit, USA
Such corrosion is not possible with Ferrocement.
 Ferrocement ROOFING –III/III
 Tarpaulin over leaking Roof. No such covering  required over Ferrocement Roof for lifetime
 Tarpaulin over leaking Roof. No such covering  required  over Ferrocement Roof for lifetime
 The elegance of soffit of Ferrocement roof.  Increase  in storage space as compared to Steel  trusses.
Canopy with Columns in front of building
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