Corrosion Of Reinforcement, Ferrocement Plated RCC Structures, Mumbai, India
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Ferrocement Plates on R.C.C. surfaces eliminate
Water-proofing deficiencies and Corrosion of reinforcement.

Lacunae of R.C.C. - I
Cracking and Spalling
  •   A heterogeneous material with voids and  capillaries
 •   Designed as cracked section
  Density about 2500 Kgs/M3
 •   Vibration by needles leave some porosity  between  two pokes- means somewhat  honeycombing
  Voids and capillary formation is said to be  normal in  concrete.
 Excess water than required for hydration cause  void, capillaries
 •   These voids and capillary filled with water  cause  spalling of concrete crack formations
 •   Least energy absorbing material, easy collapse  in  earthquake
 •   Carbonation phenomena cause spalling of  concrete
  Cracks wide and with large spacing and deep
 If cracks are minute, then sealed by  autogenous  healing
 It is easy for water moistures, air polluted  gases to  enter cracks and cause expansion  and corrosion of reinforcement
 •  Therefore RCC is never a waterproof material
 In spite of several types of preventive treatment  defects development may be reduced but definitely
Virtues of Ferrocement - I
No Cracking and Spalling
 •  Ferrocement is isotropic material upto 40% of  yield
 •  Designed as isotropic material upto 40% of  yield
 •  Density about 2750 Kgs/M3 Therefore free of  voids  and capillary
 •  Vibration on machinery set up- no  honeycombing,no voids, no capillaries cast  insitu  vibrated,no possibility of honeycombing,  voids,  capillary since thin section
 •   No Void and capillary in Ferrocement except  human  inadvertence
 •  No / nominal excess water cause no voids and  capillary being thoroughly vibrated
 •  No voids, no capillary, no spalling wiremesh  bind  matrix very efficiently.
 •  High energy absorbing – does not collapse in  earthquake may deform, better than steel
 •  No carbonation phenomena since W.C. ratio  are  0.35-0.38
 •  Crack very minute/nil and at close spacing and  shallow
 •  Crack if at all are very minute in microns and  autogenous healing most effective
 •  No entry of water moisture, polluted gases  since no  void no capillary no cracks  Ferrocement is always  waterproof material
 There is no defect development for Ferrocement  manufactured strictly as per specifications and  workmanship except human inadvertence
 Ferrocement structures
 Highrise buildings
 Inbuilt Ferrocement Structural Formwork
 Ferrocement scores over R.C.C.
 Ferrocement structurals score over Steel  Structurals
 Ferrocement plated RCC structures
 Horizontal And Vertical Extension Of RCC  Buildings
 Water StorageTanks Underground  Overhead  Tower
 Repairs, Rehabilitation Retrofitting
 Mini structures
 Corrosion resistance
 Earthquake resistance
 Disaster resistance
 Ferrocement - The best fire resistant
 material of construction
 Rainwater harvesting
 Elevation Pergola Cladding
 Vehicular bridges
 Foot bridges
 Irrigation Structures
 Swimming pools
 Ships, boats, barges, docks
 Ferrocement Furniture
 Slip of cementing matrix on coarse aggregate  is  beginning of compression failure
•   When compression failure takes place rarely  coarse aggregate is crushed
 •  Much delayed slip of cementing paste over  sand  fine aggregate because of high  specific  surface and  high bond strength–  compression  failure delayed.
•   Compression failure is delayed since  cement  matrix of high strength. No  compression  failure of  sand particles
Lacunae of R.C.C. - II
Corrosion of reinforcement
  Excess water in concrete around  reinforcement  cause of  corrosion. The same  excess water in  concrete also causes  spalling in due course of  time.
 •  Corrosion of reinforcement takes place due  to  access of  water, gases, moisture etc.  through  cracks and porosity in concrete
 •  During concreting the water starts corroding  the  reinforcement from the day one
 •  Corrosion due to excess water around  reinforcement  cannot cause damage to  concrete  body behind the reinforcement
 •  But the rust strong enough to cause cracks in  the  concrete cover which is 12mm to 30mm  - 40 mm
Virtues of Ferrocement - II
No Corrosion of reinforcement
 •  No/nominal excess water– no corrosion of  wire  reinforcement – no spalling
 •  No corrosion of wire reinforcement; no  cracks  and porosity and no entry of water,  gases  etc.
 •  During manufacture only nominal Layer of  water  film make brown coloration/ nil  coloration since  wires galvanized.
 •  Such thing does not happen with  Ferrocement
 •  No/negligible rust, no force to crack matrix  cover  about 5mm thk. However superficial  surface  crazing in fractions of microns with no  relation to  crack formation due to rust from  reinforcement
 Water, gases, moisture enter cracks and  cause further corrosion
 This corrosion adds to widening of cracks and  further deterioration all around  reinforcement.
 •   There is chain reaction leading to collapse if  not attended
 No entry of water, gases etc although  superficial surface crazing
 No such phenomena
 •   No collapse phenomena but deformation  under severe conditions such as earthquake  phenomena higher than about 7.5 Richter  scale
Lacunae of R.C.C. - III
Structural aspects
 •  This will be covered LATER ON
Virtues of Ferrocement - III
Structural aspects
 •  This will be covered LATER ON
The Ferrocement plate arrangement on R.C.C. surfaces is a separate topic
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