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Ferrocement Membrane Waterproofing

is a structural treatment
* cannot be punctured
* resists wear and tear
* is permanent with nil / negligible maintenance
* solution to chronic leakages
* It is unique

These is the only treatment in which vibrators and reinforcement in the form of wire mesh is used. Therefore this treatment is comparatively very efficient to the conventional. The horizontal and vertical ferrocement waterproofing treatment in the case of underground structures is far better than stone slab waterproofing treatment in the case of underground structures is far better than stone slab treatment. 

Ferrocement is a structural waterproof material manufactured in thickness ranging for 12 to 50 mm using high quality vibrated cement matrix and layers of wire mesh. The cement matrix consists of ordinary portland cement with admixtures and low water cement ratio. Fine washed and sieved sand is used as aggregate. Layers of galvanished wire mesh are used as reinforcement to impart structural strength and crack resistant qualities to the material. This treatment will last for long time and shall take structural stresses to a certain extent. Our treatment has the following characteristics/advantages :

* The cement matrix is very superior material with regard to strength, durability and water proofing    qualities, as compared to the conventional. 

* The wire mesh layers are galvanised and take shrinkage stresses initially and temperature stresses    during the life of the treatment. Thus it will not allow crack formation which result in leakage of water. 

* The treatment is of almost permanent nature. It is not required to be removed as in the case of bitumen    treatment, brickbat coba and china mosaic. A general maintenance after guarantee period shall be    adequate for long life. 

* Since the treatment is cement based and is structural it will be integral with the RCC structure on which it    is applied and shall be able to take the deformation to some extent without damage. 

* Ferrocement treatment does not require a thick foundation layer such as brickbat coba and as such it is    light and there will be bead load reduction.

Comparison With Reinforced  Cement Concrete
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Ferrocement in 
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