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Ferrocement In Building Industry

Ferrocement In Building Industry

 Ferrocement In Building Industry

* FERROCEMENT planks, panels can be used for construction of beams, columns, floor, roofs, walls,    chajjas and lintels.

* It can be used in combination with plain cement concrete or reinforced cement concrete.

* Ferrocement being a thin material single piece panel of size up to 4.5m x 4.5m or more can be    manufactures as floors  and walls. Large span beams, roofs can also be constructed.

* Ferrocement being crack resistant and anticorrosive material lasts
   much more than R.C.C.

* Quantity requirement of ferrocement in building construction is much less as compared to R.C.C.    Therefore dead load of ferrocement building is reduced by at least 50%. Consequently the foundation    cost gets reduced.

* Ferrocement membrance lining is used for water proofing of terraces, basements, tanks.

* Ferrocement water proofiing is the only treatment where reinforcement is used in the form of wire mesh    layers and vibrations are provided in the matrix layers. Therefore ferrocement water proofing treatment    should generally last longer than conventional.

* Ferrocement anticorrosive protective lining for rehabilitation is far better the gunting. In the case of    Guiniting there is generally one layer of weld wire mesh with wires at 3" to 6" spacing and the dia. of    wires is form 1.5mm to 2.5mm. In the case of ferrocement galvanised wire mesh layers with small dia.    wires 18 swg to 20 swg, spacing about 12mm center to center are used. Therefore unreinforcement and    consequently least possibility of crack formation.

* Ferrocement is a good material for elevation treatment. Since it is constructed in this sections, it    contributes negligible dead weight, and at the same time it is crack resistant, water proof and strong.

* Ferrocement is a very good fire resistant material having capacity to resist fire up to 750°C for long    period of 48 hours and even more. Ferrocement can be modified to resist even high temperatures, say    1200°C to 1500°C.

* Ferrocement building are better pollution and fire resistant as compared to RCC. Therefore, ferrocement    building are preferable to RCC for functional VIP and strategic buildings.
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Ferrocement in 
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