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Ferrocement Tanks, Containers, Silos, Effluent Treatment Plants

Ferrocement Tanks



Effluent Treatment Plants

These structures consist of thin section base, walls and roofs. Although the sections are thin, the ferrocement structures are efficient in performance in view of high strength, water proofing, crack resistant and anticorrosive quality and hence durabilility. These structures are manufactured using high quality cement matrix, wire mesh layers and fabricated light structural steel. The thickness of base, walls and roofs range from 20mm to 50mm with ferrocement stiffner beams and columns. These are light and strong as compared to RCC Crack formation is not possible as in the case of RCC. Water remains hygienic and comparatively cool. Rusting does not take place as in the case of mild steel. Hot liquids up to 750°C or so and cold liquids up to cryogenic temperature can be stored conveniently and it can be made to store liquids even at higher temperatures with modifications. In such cases insulation is necessary. Materials such as acids, alkalis, petrol, diesel, oils and chemicals can be stored in these structures with coating/lining. Foods products such as flours, grains and other materials such as cement, sand can be stored. 

The following graph indicates that the crack width is of very low value in the case of ferrocement as compared to that of RCC as specified by relevant ACI Committees. Therefore the ferrocement storage structures are far superior to RCC. In the case of Steel the ferrocement structures are superior because
of its better fire/heat/corrosive resistant and energy absorbing qualities.


We have supplied and installed many tanks for esteemed organizations like Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. Maharashtra P.W.D., C.P.W.D., Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, CIDCO of Maharashtra Ltd., Reserve Bank of India, Bombay Port Trust, National Textile Corporation, Times of India, Bank of India, Many Co-operative Societies and individuals

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