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Resistance to Earthquake By Ferrocement Structures

* Energy absorbing
* Resistance even at large deformation - large forces
* Sustains large deformation
* Does not collapse even at great force
* May deform greatly but can be repaired mostly
* Only extreme condition required to be demolished
   after earthquake occurs
* Most important and significant, above all practically    no loss of life.
  Earthquake resistance of Ferrocement Buildings

* Ferrocement building will shake like jelly and    take its position again after earthquake.
* Ferrocement building may get deformed but will   not collapse.
* Mostly deformed Ferrocement building can be       repaired easily at low cost.
* It is rarely required to be totally dismantled.
* There is rarely loss of human lives and least    damage to movable property.
Ferrocement structures were untouched by onslaught of Earthquake Richter
Scale 7.2 – 7.4. whereas
R.C.C. structures collapsed.
Ferrocement structures are the need of the day.
Comparison With Reinforced  Cement Concrete
Sketches of R.C.C. & 
Ferrocement Sections
Ferrocement in 
Building Industry
Alternative to Steel Plates 
& Structurals
Tanks, Containers, Silos,
Effluent Treatment 
Plant Structures
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