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Ferrocement Technology
 - reduces cost of disaster
 - makes management of disaster easy
 - saves human lives during disasters
Ferrocement Structures
 - least affected by all disasters
 - do not collapse during disaster
 - reduce cost of repairs and reconstruction after    disaster
 Ferrocement takes care of Disaster before it  occurs
 Disaster Management is mainly after it occurs
 Contribution of Ferrocement Technology before  disaster is extensive.
 It leaves quite less for Disaster Management to  contribute
 Ferrocement Structures resists all disasters such  as Earthquake, cyclones, Fire, Floods,
 bombardments, land slides etc.
 Ferrocement structures are the need of the day.
 Disaster of any kind is menace to society causing havoc, destruction of property, loss of life, injury to living  beings and loss of large amount of money. It causes disturbances in future life of people affected with no other  alternative but to accept it. To come out of it, it takes years irrespective of help and support they get from the  Government and social organizations. Disasters in the form of earth- quake, cyclones, floods and fire are quite  frequent. Disaster Management groups are established to prepare themselves to face the same and manage  efficiently after its occurrence. Earthquake disasters are generally sudden and cannot be redicted. Floods and  cyclones are predicted and action is taken to shift people to safe areas. However loss of life, injury to living  beings, damage to properties do take place and these have to be accepted. ccurrence of fires is accidental , may  be due to lapse in precautions or sometimes natural as forest fires.
 Loss of life is difficult to prevent in the case of earthquakes though rescue takes place after the occurrence of  disaster. In the case of floods lives are saved when there is prediction and in the case of fire lives are saved  where rescue operations are successful.

 However in all types of disasters the damage to properties, losses in communications and services such as  power supply, roads, railways, telecom lines are inevitable

 Ferrocement is highly elastic material. As such under severe earthquakes, it gets deformed but regains its initial  shape and position as before. Thus it has high energy absorbing capacity. In most of the cases the damage to  Ferrocement structures can be repaired successfully. Very severe earthquake forces may deform Ferrocement  structures beyond repairs which has not happened uptill now. But such structures shall never collapse. In such  cases there is no loss of human life and people can be evacuated with least injuries. Even moveable properties  in such structure can be extricated with least damages.
 Ferrocement structures are cage structures with sufficient reinforcement to take the required loads and can be  most appropriate even for sky rise structures. The self weight of such structures is almost 50% of similar R.C.C.  structures. As such the earthquake forces are very much less to that extent. The Ferrocement skyrise under  earthquake loads will swing by about a metre or so and come back to its original position.
 In case of Ferrocement water towers, the self weight of water tank on the tower is less by more than 50% and  as such forces due to earthquake are very much less. The performance of Ferrocement components of the tower  frame shall be far superior to that of similar R.C.C. frame. Therefore, the Ferrocement water towers shall be far  better than that of R.C.C.  
 Following is the communication received from Prof. Alonso Fernandez, Mexico working on Ferrocement  technology. In 1999 occurrence of severe earthquake measuring 7.2 to 7.4 on the Richter scale, destroyed or  severely damaged thousands of houses, hundreds of schools and churches and took many lives. He was pleased  to report that the school, all houses, the classroom laboratory, the largest auditorium, in Mexico all the bridges  and small dams that they had designed and constructed were untouched. In Mexico itself, an eyewitness  reported behaviour of 100 sq. mtr. Auditorium during the earthquake. He reported deformations of the
 building resembling a jelly on a plate and then revert back to its initial form and dimensions.
 The cost of Ferrocement structures should be less than that of similar structures particularly R.C.C., Steel or  prestressed concrete. At the same time efficiency of Ferrocement structures shall have no parallel vis-à-vis  R.C.C., steel. Under severe earthquake conditions onventional structures collapse whereas Ferrocement  structures do not but deform. In the case of conventional structures there has to be total reconstruction with  heavy costs whereas such costs can be eliminated if Ferrocement structures are adopted and thereby huge  reconstruction costs as well as loss of life can be averted.
 Cyclones cause damages to wooden houses as well as roofs of masonry houses. Generally wooden houses get  totally destroyed causing loss of life. Cyclones are generally predictable and people can be evacuated, the  property loss can be saved to a large extent. With the use of Ferrocement houses, the loss of life is mitigated to  the maximum. Ferrocement houses are strong box structures with bottom, sides, top and floors all well  connected with each other and monolith and shall resist effectively severe cyclonic condition. These Ferrocement  box houses can get toppled worst come to worst. If they are anchored to the ground then even this may not be  possible.

 Even large industrial structures with Ferrocement framework and roof shall perform far better as compared to  conventional R.C.C. or steel industrial structures with metal roof or cement roof which are fixed to the trusses  and purlins framework with nut bolt arrangement. In the case of Ferrocement industrial structures the  connections are monolith and no nut bolt system is adopted. At the same time, Ferrocement roofs are  comparatively heavy and therefore the chances of being blown off are the least in case of mild cyclones.


 Ferrocement high rise buildings, bridges etc. shall have far superior performance as compared to conventional.  The wind force are considered less severe as compared to earthquake force. Such Ferrocement structures will  get deformed temporarily. Hence there is no question of repairs of Ferrocement structures as a result of forces  due to cyclones. Ferrocement high rise buildings can swing like a palm tree and regain its position after the  cyclone is over.


 Ferrocement structures are constructed as box consisting of footings, floorings, walls, roofs as a one single unit  with efficient interconnection with floors, walls and roof. There is no collapse as it takes place in the case of other  structures during floods particularly walls are single piece from corner to corner and top and bottom.  Ferrocement structures take the impact due to floods very efficiently since Ferrocement is basically energy  absorbing material. Since there is no collapse mechanism in the case of Ferrocement structures, loss of human  life and other damages is the least. Ferrocement structures can be constructed on hollow box foundation. In such  case a structure will float during floods. It may get drifted somewhere but the occupants shall be safe. Thus  there is no question of sinking.


 People can take shelter and survive and be safe, if shifted to Community structures with hollow foundation.


 Ferrocement is highly fire resistant material upto 750º C resisting for a period of 48 hours or so. Even afterwards  there will not be total collapse of Ferrocement structures. Such behaviour is accepted by UNIDO (United Nations  Industrial Development Organisation) many years before in 1972. Such Ferrocement structures are most  appropriate for construction of important structures like hospitals, schools, hotels, government buildings, slums  etc. With use of ceramics, the Ferrocement structures can be made to resist even higher temperatures and  longer periods with increase in cost.

As experimented above by UNIDO of UNO Devastation by fire


 Ferrocement is highly energy absorbing material far better than wood and steel. Wood and steel can get torn off  in explosions whereas Ferrocement structures can be constructed economically and will resist explosions and  punctures.

 Enemy Bombardment: 

 Ferrocement is highly absorbing material far better than wood & stronger than steel. Therefore it can efficiently  sustain impact and blast forces. During bombardment ferrocement structure will get punctured but shall not  collapse as RCC, masonry or any other structure. It will be very easy to repair these structures faster and at  lesser cost.

 Land slide on Hilly Sloping Area:
 Sometimes RCC brick masonry housing slide along slope of hills due to landside earthquake. Ferrocement being  light will not slide easily. They can be better anchored to main ground. If at all ferrocement houses slide it will be  almost intact and if slide, they are easily repairable damage and can be used again.
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