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* Corrosion is a menace to the nation
* It costs to the nation Rs 240,000 crores every
* It is worst disaster economically except negligible    loss of human life
* Let us prevent corrosion by adopting
  Ferrocement Technology
For Centuries we have accepted Menace of
Corrosion of steel
Eliminate Corrosion of steel
Practicing Ferrocement Technology
For Centuries we are tired with Corrosion of Steel
It will be no more with advent of Ferrocement Technology
Let’s make Corrosion of Steel a Matter of Past
Comparison With Reinforced  Cement Concrete
Sketches of R.C.C. & 
Ferrocement Sections
Ferrocement in 
Building Industry
Alternative to Steel Plates 
& Structurals
Tanks, Containers, Silos,
Effluent Treatment 
Plant Structures
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