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 - Corrosion is a menace to the nation
- It costs to the nation Rs240,000  crores    every year. For  Centuries we have  accepted  Menace of Corrosion of  steel
- It is worst disaster economically  except    negligible loss of human  life
- Let us prevent corrosion by  adopting  Ferrocement Technology
 For Centuries we have accepted  Menace of  Corrosion of steel
Eliminate Corrosion of steel By Practicing  Ferrocement Technology
For Centuries we are tired with Corrosion  of Steel
It will be no more with advent of Ferrocement Technology
   Let’s make  Corrosion of Steel a Matter of Past
Corrosion of Reinforcement

 The corrosion of reinforcement in Ferrocement is most insignificant. The water cement ratio is the least giving  least extra water to react with wiremesh reinforcement. There may be corrosion of brown colouring with  wiremesh reinforcements which is not strong enough to burst cement matrix. In view of evenly spread  wiremesh reinforcement, the corrosion is the most negligible and can be said to be not at all causing any  damage. We can say the minute corrosion is dormant in the case of Ferrocement. This is the feature of  Ferrocement unless it is manufactured with inferior materials and inferior workmanship in slipshod manner. In  view of this and cement matrix being of superior quality, spalling / splitting will not take place.


 We have been practicing Ferrocement Technology since more than 25 years by now. In our Ferrocement  products, we maintain water cement ratio to be 0.35 to 0.4. We invariably vibrate our Ferrocement products  either on machinery set up under controlled conditions or in- situ. In all our products to make it dense, we  use  admixtures to produce maximum strength and add many positive aspects to the materials. We use  non- metallic  fibers in the top of finished matrix. In view of such method of manufacture, we do not find any  deterioration of  our product and no problem so far as water proof quality of Ferrocement is concerned. In  our  Ferrocement  products, there is no carbonation phenomena. We claim our method of manufacture is  most  meticulous with  high quality and superior materials and workmanship. We are confident that our  structures are  bound to  perform in a far superior manner.

Durability against Corrosion in Ferrocement
 Ferrocement roofing panels manufactured in the  year 2000.
 Enlarged view of one Ferrocement roof panel for  corrosion testing. Springling of water done
 and wet mapping lines visible.


 Most hard skin of the roof panel cast in the year  2000,  could not be removed by chiseling. Had to  be removed  by Cutting wheel carefully not to  damage the  wiremesh. Most superficial line  mapping on pouring of  water on the surface -  disappearing within a minute or  so.
 Closer view wiremesh reinforcement showing no  corrosion of wires but nominal brown colouration –  indicating no possibility of corrosion for atleast  further  decade or so. ie the year 2020.
Corroded metal roofs, Detroit, USA
Such corrosion is not possible with Ferrocement
 Ferrocement structures
 Highrise buildings
 Inbuilt Ferrocement Structural Formwork
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 Ferrocement structurals score over Steel  Structurals
 Ferrocement plated RCC structures
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 Water StorageTanks Underground  Overhead  Tower
 Repairs, Rehabilitation Retrofitting
 Mini structures
 Corrosion resistance
 Earthquake resistance
 Disaster resistance
 Ferrocement - The best fire resistant
 material of construction
 Rainwater harvesting
 Elevation Pergola Cladding
 Vehicular bridges
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 Irrigation Structures
 Swimming pools
 Ships, boats, barges, docks
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