Readers ask: How To Keep The House Clean?

How do I stop being lazy and clean my house?

These home cleaning tips are for the extremely lazy.

  1. Invest in a few air fresheners.
  2. Clean cobwebs with a helium balloon.
  3. Tons of storage space.
  4. Prevent your blinds from getting dusty.
  5. Make a night of it.
  6. Hang clothes instead of folding them.
  7. Disinfectant wipes are your friends.
  8. Keep cleaning supplies around the house.

What is a good house cleaning routine?


  • Clean mirrors.
  • Clean and sanitize counters and sink.
  • Wipe down cabinet fronts.
  • Clean and sanitize toilet.
  • Clean and sanitize shower, shower door, and tub.

How can I keep my house clean if I work full time?

Daily habits

  1. Do a load of laundry before you go to work, and hang it out when you come home.
  2. Fold laundry in front of your favourite Netflix show.
  3. Keep biodegradable wipes in your bathroom and use them to wipe down surfaces daily (or as needed).
  4. Wash your dishes ASAP, or stack them in the dishwasher.
  5. Tidy before bed.
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How can I make my house feel clean?

8 great ways to make your house LOOK and FEEL clean

  1. Doors. Take a look at the nearest door to you.
  2. Baseboards.
  3. Blinds.
  4. Sliding glass doors/glass storm doors.
  5. Outside of kitchen appliances.
  6. Throw pillows.
  7. Curtains.
  8. Walls, especially in entry ways and stairs.

What is the fastest way to clean a whole house?

Fast House Cleaning Tips

  1. Clean the whole house, not one room at time.
  2. Gather all your cleaning tools in a caddy.
  3. Clear the clutter.
  4. Dust and vacuum.
  5. Wipe mirrors and glass.
  6. Disinfect countertops and surface areas.
  7. Focus on tubs, sinks and toilets.
  8. Sweep, then mop.

How do I get motivated to clean messy house?

  1. Find Your Area. The first thing to do when trying to get motivated to clean your house is to find an area to start in.
  2. Give Yourself a Deadline. You’ve found that one area in your house that makes your blood boil when it’s messy.
  3. Anticipate a Reward.
  4. Ignore the Rest of the House.
  5. Add More.

What does a cleaner do in 2 hours?

Vacuuming the entire house. Cleaning the bathrooms, including toilets. Cleaning the kitchen, including quickly mopping the floor. A few assorted small tasks like wiping surfaces down.

How can I clean my whole house in a week?

You never know when the evening will call for a dance party.

  1. Clear off stuff that doesn’t belong on the counter.
  2. Throw out any food gone bad in fridge.
  3. Wash and put away dishes.
  4. Wipe down countertops and sink.
  5. Wipe down countertop appliances.
  6. Wipe down oven and stovetop.
  7. Wipe down inside and outside of fridge.
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What is the best day to clean your house?

Even those lucky enough to have professional maid services differ on their favorite day for cleaning: Friday is the day most requested because customers want their houses to be clean and neat for the weekend.

How often should you clean your house according to science?

This is how often you should clean your home, according to

  1. Microwave. Frequency: Every week.
  2. Bed linens. Frequency: Every one to two weeks.
  3. Refrigerator. Frequency: Every month.
  4. Computer. Frequency: Every week.
  5. Pillows. Frequency: Every three months.
  6. Carpet. Frequency: Every six to 12 months.
  7. Mattress.
  8. Kitchen benchtop.

How do I clean my house everyday?

How to Keep a House Clean Daily

  1. Make the bed. The best way to start your day is by making your bed.
  2. Clean as you cook. As you learn how to keep a house clean, pay close attention to clutter in the kitchen.
  3. Grab as you go.
  4. Wipe up messes as they happen.
  5. Sort the mail.
  6. Sweep the kitchen floor.

How do you keep your house clean when you’re busy?

How to Create a Cleaning Routine for Your Busy Schedule

  1. Use a Chore System.
  2. Teach Your Children How to Keep a Clean House.
  3. Get Your Spouse to Help out Around the House.
  4. Get Everyone to Help With a 15-minute Clean Up Every Night.
  5. Assess Your Cleaning Equipment.
  6. When You Are Tired, Clean From Left to Right.

How long does it take to clean a 3 bed house?

A normal domestic property of 3 beds should take between 3 -4 hours. Two cleaners do not do as much as if they leave 10 mins earlier it is actually 20 mins!

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How do you simplify cleaning a room?

How to Simplify Cleaning

  1. Define YOUR Level of Clean. Decide what CLEAN means to you and what level of clean you’re comfortable with in your home.
  2. Spot Clean.
  3. Clear the Clutter.
  4. Get a Robot Vacuum.
  5. Get Everybody Involved.
  6. Simplify Larger Tasks.
  7. Do a Little Each Day.
  8. Simplify Your Cleaning Supplies.

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