Quick Answer: Who Can Stay In Circuit House?

Who can stay in Circuit House Quora?

  • Circuit House is a Guest House exclusively for government employees.
  • Almost every city or state has one Circuit House where a government employee can stay alone or with family with prior booking.
  • A Circuit House at Kalpa, Himachal Pradesh.

Who can live in Circuit House?

Circuit House is the house for Government officers accommodation. There is one Circuit House per city/small town in all states of India. Who named this as a Circuit house and why called Circuit house?

How can I book Circuit House in Assam?


  1. Eligibility criteria.
  2. Application.
  3. Address Proof.
  4. Photo ID Proof.
  5. Period of Stay and Purposes.
  6. Payment.
  7. Advance Notice.

How can I book circuit house in Jaipur?

  1. Go To SSO Portal.
  2. Go To Login & Enter Valid Credentials.
  3. Click On CHMS Icon.
  4. Click On Booking Request.
  5. Select Booking Type i.e.(Self,OnBehalf,Without SSO)
  6. Select Circuit House.
  7. Select Guest Category.
  8. Select Guest Type.

Can IAS officer stay in Circuit House?

Free BSNL landline service and broadband connection are also offered at home. Trips- For both official and non-official trips, IAS officers enjoy subsidized housing in circuit houses, government bungalows or residential care in different states.

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What is the work of Circuit House?

Circuit houses mainly function as official destinations to carry out various official government activities and hence it automatically reduces the scope for leisure activities in this building. As a guest house, the building has to have cozy ambience as well as capacity to accommodate the large crowd.

How do I book Special Circuit House Puri?

Circuit House, Puri Call Booking related queries +91 9999 819 804 Harihara Square Near Gandhi Hata Puri Orissa – 752001 India

  1. Hotel Shyamajyoti, Puri.
  2. Sunshine Hotel, Puri.
  3. Love And Life Hotel, Puri.
  4. Calcutta Guest House, Puri.
  5. Paryatak Rest House, Puri.
  6. Baba Lodge, Puri.
  7. Roy Guest House, Puri.
  8. Sunny Hotel, Puri.

How do I book Hppwd rest house?

The Traditional Booking Method:

  1. Call the booking office and ask about booking a stay at the desired PWD guest house.
  2. They will ask you to send a written request by Fax.
  3. After receiving the fax, the official at PWD office will confirm that there are no other visits scheduled around your time of travel.

Who can stay in Rajasthan House Delhi?

At present, officials in the pay grade of Rs 6,600 and above, MLAs and MPs stay at Rajasthan House.

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