Quick Answer: What Is Negative Income From House Property?

What if income from house property is negative?

As the annual value of the house is zero (explained above) therefore, the deduction claimed of Rs 2 lakh will result in a negative figure or loss of Rs 2 lakh under the head ‘ income from house property ‘.

What is income from house property?

Income from House Property in India: The income arising out of a house property either in the form of a rental income or on its transfer is referred to as ‘ income from house property ‘. In essence, any property such as house, building, office, warehouse is treated as ‘ house property ‘ under the Income Tax Act.

What are the deductions allowed from house property income?

Computation of Income Under House Property

Type of House Property Self Occupied Let Out
Net Annual Value(NAV) Nil 81,000
Less: Standard Deduction (30% of NAV) NA 24,300
Less: Interest on Housing Loan 200,000 200,000
Less: Pre-construction interest (1/5th of 3 Lakhs) 60,000 60,000
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Can House Property NAV be negative?

Municipal tax is a deduction which can reduce the GAV to come up NAV upto a maximum of GAV amount. In other words, NAV can be zero but CAN ‘T BE NEGATIVE. Only Income from House Property can be negative due to Intt on Housing Loan.

How is home property loss calculated?

Loss from House Property: Income Tax Treatment

  1. Gross Annual Value (i.e. Actual Rent or Expected Rent, whichever is higher) xxx. (Less)
  2. Municipal and Other taxes paid to Local Authority. (xxx)
  3. Net Annual Value (1-2) xxx. (Less)
  4. Deductions allowed under Section 24. a. Statutory Deduction @ 30% of NAV. (xxx) b. Interest on Borrowed Capital (Home Loan) (xxx)

Does rental income from vacant plot is chargeable under the house property?

The law states that any income earned from renting out a building and the land appurtenant thereto shall be taxable under the head Income from House Property. Therefore Income earned from Vacant Land on which there is no construction shall not be taxable under the head Income from House Property.

How much rent income is tax free?

When the Rent Amount Exceeds Rs 1 Lakh In case the rent paid towards house rent is more than Rs 1 Lakh, the individual can claim HRA tax exemptions towards it. He or she will have to furnish the PAN details of the property owner, along with the rent receipts.

What is fair rent of house property?

Municipal authorities normally charge house tax/Municipal taxes on the basis of annual letting value of such house property. C) Fair rent – Fair rent is the rent which a similar property can fetch in the same or similar locality, if it is let out for a year.

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How do I claim my home loan on my taxes?

Tax deduction under section 80EEA is allowed for the first time home buyers for the amount of interest paid towards the home loan under affordable housing scheme. Deduction allowed is Rs. 150,000 during a financial year over and above the deduction of section 24.

What is annual value of a house property?

Annual Value of a home is the sum for which the property might reasonably be expected to be let out from year to year. So it is the notional rent which could be got if the property were to be rented. It is the inherent capacity of the property to earn income.

Can we claim 2 housing loan interest?

For the properties which are let our or deemed to have been let out, in case more than two are treated as self-occupied, you can claim the full interest paid as deduction but the loss under the house property income shall only be allowed to be set off against other income up to ₹ 2 lakh every year and the excess loss

Can you have negative income under head house property?

Till FY 2016-17, loss under the head house property could be set off against other heads of income without any limit. However, form FY 2017-18, such set off of losses has been restricted to Rs 2 lakhs. This amendment would not really affect taxpayers having a self-occupied house property.

Can a NAV be negative?

A negative NAV implies the falling performance of a fund. However, a change in NAV would not bring any change in the value of your investment.

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What is self occupied property?

Self occupied house property: This means property which is used by assessee or his family for their own residence. As per the Income-tax Act, if assessee owns more than 1 self occupied properties, only one of them can be claimed as Self occupied property.

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