Quick Answer: House Rent Deduction Under Which Section?

Is house rent under 80C?

Ramanath can claim under section 80C of the ITA as HRA deduction would be the lowest of the three amounts, ₹54,000. The remaining ₹48,000 of the HRA allowance will be taxable as per Mr. Ramanath’s income tax slab.

Can we claim HRA and 80GG?

Can I pay rent to my family and claim HRA? A taxpayer can pay rent to either of his parents and claim this amount as HRA deduction under Section 10 (13A) or Section 80GG. The parent would, however, have to declare this rental income as part of his annual income while filing returns.

How house rent is deducted from income tax?

The Income Tax Act Section 10-13A provides for HRA exemption of tax. The deduction will be the lowest amongst: The House Rent Allowances that is given by the employer. The actual rent that is paid by the employee for the residence each month, minus 10 % of his/her salary.

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What is Section 80GG in income tax?

If you are not receiving House Rent allowance but paying rent, you can still get a tax deduction on the rent paid under Section 80GG of the Income Tax Act, 1961. The maximum deduction allowed under Section 80GG is Rs 60,000 per annum which means Rs 5000 per month.

How is HRA exempted?

HRA exemption is allowed least of the below: Actual HRA received by the employee. 40 % of salary for non metro city or 50 % of salary if the rented property is in Metro cities like Mumbai,Delhi,Kolkata and Chennai) Actual rent paid less than 10% of salary.

How can I avoid paying tax on rental income in India?

Rental Income – How to save tax on it?

  1. (a) Maintenance Charges: To exclude maintenance charges from rent received is one of the easiest ways to save tax.
  2. (b) Joint Property: Another effective way to save tax.
  3. PN: You can avoid provisions of “Clubbing of Income ” in case of joint property /non-earning wife.

What is 80cg rent paid?

80GG is a deduction under Chapter VI-A of the Income Tax Act, 1961. It has been introduced to provide relief to those individuals who do not receive any house rent allowance but are paying rent for the stay. Thus, an individual can claim a deduction for rent paid even if he or she does not get house rent allowance.

Is rent receipt required for HRA exemption?

You must ask for receipt for the rent paid every month irrespective of the channel used for making payments. In addition to rent receipts, if your payment exceeds Rs. 1 lakh annually, then it is mandatory for you to provide the PAN of your landlord to your employer to avail the full benefit of HRA exemption.

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How do I claim tax back on rent paid?

To claim rent relief for 2014-2017 you should submit a request using Revenue’s myAccount. Alternatively, you can contact your local tax office to enquire about claiming this tax relief. As with all tax reliefs, you must claim within 4 years of the end of the year to which it refers, or you will not get the relief.

How do I avoid paying tax on rental income?

Use a 1031 Exchange Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code allows you to defer paying capital gains tax on rental properties if you use the proceeds from the sale to purchase another investment.

How is house rent allowance calculated?

HRA calculation is done as per the employee’s salary. Sum received from the employer as HRA. Actual rent paid minus 10% of salary. 50% of basic salary for those residing in metro cities and 40% for those living in non-metro cities.

What is house rent allowances?

House Rent Allowance or HRA is a part of the salary provided by an employer to his employee for his rented accommodation. HRA exemption can be claimed only if the employee is residing in a rented house. HRA is a useful allocation of your salary component to save tax.

What is Section 80EEA exemption?

Section 80EEA – Deduction for interest paid on home loan for affordable housing. The existing provisions of Section 80EE allow a deduction up to Rs 50,000 for interest paid by first-time home buyers for loan sanctioned from a financial institution between 1 April 2016 and 31 March 2017.

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What is 80GGC exemption?

The section 80GGC of the Income Tax Act allows the deductions from the total income of an individual taxpayer for his/her contributions made towards electoral trust or political party. However, the deduction amount allowed should not be more than the total income that is taxable.

How do I declare rent paid in ITR?

For them, Section 80 (GG) of the Income-tax Act offers help. An individual paying rent for a furnished/unfurnished accommodation can claim the deduction for the rent paid under Section 80 (GG) of the I-T Act, provided he is not paid HRA as a part of his salary by furnishing Form 10B.

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