Question: What Is Vastu Shastra For House?

Which Vastu is good for House?

As per Vastu, the best and most auspicious direction and place for the Pooja room is the north-east corner of your house. If north-east placement is not feasible, it can be set up in the east or the west side of the house.

Is Vastu important for House?

Vastu is important and considered to be the preference of end users. These days considering vastu is also important because the layouts, directions are sometimes lacks vastu. The principal and main parameter is the architecture and the directions.

How is Vastu Shastra calculated at home?

Evaluate Vastu Of House Calculate your total score by writing down the points you attain for each aspect of your house. Also, in case you don’t have particular aspects we have specified below (e.g. a tube well or a garden) then the maximum score allowed = the total number of aspects being evaluated * 10.

What are the basics of Vastu Shastra?

We have four cardinal (North, South, East, and West) and four intercardinal directions (North-west, North-east, South-west, and South-east). Each direction signifies an aspect of life and is governed by various gods. While North is the direction for wealth, south is for dharma.

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Which scenery is lucky for home?

It is believed that the entrance of your home, when designed as per Vastu way, can bring happiness and prosperity. The north or east direction is considered ideal for an entrance gate.

How can I attract money at home?

Here are some simple ways to attract the energy of wealth into your home using Feng shui.

  1. De-clutter space. We tend to hoard things and avoid removing even those we no longer have a use for.
  2. Have a water feature. Water fountain.
  3. Make your front door pleasing.
  4. Clean your kitchen.
  5. Place citrine crystal in your home.

Which facing house is bad?

Most homebuyers prefer East- facing houses as that direction is associated with good luck and prosperity. South- facing homes are generally considered inauspicious and get the bad rap many times due to the belief that Lord Yama, the God of Death, lives in the dakshina or South direction.

Which direction should the main door open?

1. Vastu for the Main Entrance: Doorway. According to Vastu Shastra, the main entrance to a home is not only the entry point for the family, but also for energy. Considered as the “archway to victory and progress in life”, the main door should face north, east or in the north-east direction.

Do Vastu really works?

Vastu Shastra may not be essential for living, but it is helpful for a better and healthier life. It is the science of environment you live in. The energy generating in the environment you live will define the energy you build in you and your mind.

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What happens if you dont follow Vastu?

There is no likelihood that if house is not constructed according to Vastu, residents will fail in life. But, after construction and once you start living there, observe the problems you are facing.

How is House Aayam calculated?

Using the Aayadi formulae it has been concluded that for the Aaya to be more than the Vyaya the length of rooms/building should preferrably be 1.5 times the breadth or at least 1.375 times the width. This is why we find that sites are generally not square but rectangular with a Length 1.375 – 1.5 times the Breadth.

How is House Chuttalavu calculated?

Enter outer to outer wall length and breadth of your house. Xls: Vasthu Perimeter Calculator

  1. Ayam = Income.
  2. Vyayam = Expenditure.
  3. Yoni = Direction of energy waves.
  4. Varam = Day of a week.
  5. Amsam = Quality.
  6. Nakshathra = Birth Star.

Which painting is good for living room as per Vastu?

Therefore, if your living room lies in the East zone of your house, a forest scene is an ideal painting for your living room as per Vastu.

Should I believe in Vastu?

One should believe in Vastu as per his or her own choice, but if judged on scientific and performance parameters, I believe Vastu Shastra is least scientific theory developed. Apologists often selectively present data and reverse logical reasoning to prove selected postulates from Vastu -Shastra.

How can I increase my luck as per Vastu?

8 Vastu Tips for Money, Prosperity & Financial Success at Home

  1. Importance of Kuber Yantra in the north, east and north-east of your home.
  2. Lockers and the main safes in the south-west zone.
  3. Keep your home clutter free.
  4. Keep your main doors free of repairs.
  5. Water fountains & small aquariums in the north-east.

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