Often asked: How To Do Griha Pravesh Pooja For Rented House?

Is Griha Pravesh necessary for rented house?

Griha Pravesh is an auspicious ceremony which is good to have while taking up a rented house. Though it is not necessary, but it’s good to have a Havan or Yajna to activate the energies of the house and keep them energised.

How can I do Griha Pravesh by myself?

First of find out an auspicious date for the puja as per the Hindu calendar. Once the date is fixed, clean the house and decorate it with flowers and draw a rangoli at the entrance. Enter the house with the photo of Ganesh in your hand and place him on the north eastern corner of your house.

Can we shift household items before Griha Pravesh Puja?

The home should be fully constructed before the Griha Pravesh commences. All windows, doors and roof portions should be complete. Make sure that you do not shift any furniture items into the home apart from the stove/cooking gas hob until the completion of the Vaastu pooja.

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How can do Griha Pravesh Pooja without Pandit?

Required Pooja Material

  1. Break a Coconut. The Vastu deity can appease in the outside for that, the lady breaks a coconut that, is placed on the threshold.
  2. Kalash Puja.
  3. Place Coconut on Kalash. In red cloth, one can tie the coconut.
  4. Recite Mantras.
  5. Carry Kalash Pot Inside The House.
  6. Cow and Calf Entry.
  7. Boil Milk.
  8. Milk Offering.

Why do we boil milk in new house?

Hindu tradition has us boiling milk on our new stove in an open pot until it boils over the sides. This symbolizes the abundance of prosperity and food which will bless the new home. After it has boiled over and you offer some to the deities of your choice, serve the milk with a bit of sugar to the guests in your home.

Can we sleep in new house before Griha Pravesh?

Griha Pravesh puja or Vastu puja should be done before shifting, to cleanse the space of negative energies. Can we sleep in the new house before a Griha Pravesh ceremony? Yes, home owners can sleep in the new house before the official puja.

Which month is good for Griha Pravesh in 2021?

Chaitra is always a safe month to plan Griha Pravesh 2021.

Which day is good for new house?

The most auspicious dates for moving into your new home in 2021

Grihapravesh Dates Day Tithi
16th April Friday Chaturthi
26th April Monday Chaturdashi
13 May Thursday Dauj
14th May Friday Akshaya Tritiya


Can we do Griha Pravesh during periods?

No, it is prohibited,. During periods the body is impure and thus no such things must be done. U must take rest as much as u can during this time.

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Why do Indians boil milk in new house?

Entering a new home means the beginning of a ‘ new life’ and each of us expects a life without obstacles and filled with contentment. According to Hindu belief, boiling the milk and letting the milk flow and the overflow of milk would ensure our lives a life brimming with wealth, health, and happiness.

Which month is good for house shifting?

June or the month of Ashadh is considered highly inauspicious for housewarming ceremonies or other happy occasions. However, in 2021, there are only a few auspicious dates. These are 4, 5, 10, 11, 19, and 26.

What to bring in moving to a new house?

Bread, salt, honey, wine, rice, candles, and other similar tokens of abundance, prosperity, happiness, hospitality, and good fortune are believed to please the domestic spirits and bring a blessing to your new home.

Which Pooja is best for home?

A. Pooja Room Direction, According to Vastu

  • The best location for the mandir in the house is the north-east.
  • Try to ensure that you face the north or the east while offering prayers.
  • Don’t position the pooja room under a staircase or against the wall of a bathroom — it is considered inauspicious.

Is Saturday good for shifting house?

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are auspicious days to enter the new house.

Which Nakshatra is good for Griha Pravesh?

Read on to know the Griha Pravesh Nakshatra, shubh date, and tithi in the year 2021. According to Astrologer Pandit Sujeet Ji Maharaj, the Uttar Bhadrapad, Uttar Phalguni, Uttarshadha, Rohini, Margashira, Chitra and Anuradha Nakshatra are ideal for organising the ceremony.

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