FAQ: Which Game Of Thrones House?

What are the 9 houses in Game of Thrones?

There are nine Great Houses in Westeros. When the show began, they were Stark, Arryn, Baratheon, Tully, Greyjoy, Lannister, Tyrell, Martell and Targaryen.

Which Game of Thrones House is best?

House Stark takes the crown and Iron Throne as the best of the best that Westeros has to offer. House Stark’s noble seat is Winterfell in the North. They’re an honorable, just, and overall benevolent house.

How many Game of Thrones houses are there?

Game of Thrones is full of political intrigue taking place between the nine noble family houses of Westeros.

Who are the 7 houses in Game of Thrones?


  • House Arryn.
  • House Baratheon.
  • House Baratheon.
  • House Baratheon.
  • House Bolton.
  • Brotherhood Without Banners.
  • House Frey.
  • House Greyjoy.
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Who are the 5 Kings in Game of Thrones?

The five kings in question were Robert’s heir apparent, Joffrey Baratheon, Robert’s two younger brothers, Stannis and Renly Baratheon, the “King in the North” Robb Stark, and the “King of the Iron Islands” Balon Greyjoy.

Is House Bolton extinct?

House Bolton of the Dreadfort is an extinct Great House from the North. After the Red Wedding, they became the Great House of the North, having usurped their position from their former liege lords, House Stark.

Who is the most hated character on Game of Thrones?

Meryn Trant was a character who seemed to exist for the sole purpose of hating him. Trant was a lackey for Joffrey Baratheon, quite easily the most hated main character on the show. Trant first made an impression when he attempted to capture Arya and seemingly killed Syrio Forel.

Who is strongest in Game of Thrones?

Game Of Thrones: 15 Most Powerful Characters, Ranked

  • 13 Sandor Clegane Earned The Name Of The Hound And Continually Proved His Strength.
  • 14 Mirri Maz Duur Was A Maegi Who Practiced Dark Blood Magic.
  • 15 Thoros of Myr Had The Power To Bring Beric Dondarrion Back From The Dead.

Who is the most loved game of thrones character?

8 Daenerys Targaryen Up until perhaps the penultimate episode of the final season, Daenerys was undoubtedly the most popular and beloved character on the show.

Who sits in the Iron Throne?

Season 7. Cersei sits on the Iron Throne when she and Jaime negotiate an alliance with Euron Greyjoy, the new self-proclaimed King of the Iron Islands. Later, Euron leads his captives Yara Greyjoy, Ellaria Sand, and Tyene Sand into the court of Queen Cersei, who sits on the Iron Throne.

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How many houses died in Game of Thrones?

That comes to 12 (maybe 14 houses ) that went extinct during the TV series. Note that most of the extinct houses were vassals to the Starks.

What is the weakest house in Game of Thrones?

It is widely implied that Dorne is the weakest of the 9 regions under the Iron Throne. (The North, The Vale, The Iron Islands, The Riverlands, The Westerlands, The Crownlands, The Reach, The Stormlands and Dorne.)

Who is the richest family in Game of Thrones?

5 Richest Characters & Houses In Westeros: HBO’s Game of Thrones Money Issues

  1. Tywin Lannister (10 billion USD)
  2. House Tyrell (4.9 billion USD)
  3. Daenerys Targaryen (381.38 million USD)
  4. Petyr Baelish (58 million USD)
  5. House Martell (42 million USD) “Yeah, we’re freaking filthy rich.” – Prince Oberyn of House Martell.

What countries are the 7 kingdoms in Game of Thrones?

  • The North: Scotland.
  • The Riverlands: Netherlands/Belgium.
  • The Westerlands: England.
  • The Iron Islands: Norway/Iceland.
  • The Vale: Austria/Switzerland.
  • The Reach: France.
  • Dorne: Spain.
  • The Stormlands: Not a lot is known about the Stormlands.

Who rules the 7 kingdoms in Game of Thrones in the end?

That’s right: Bran Stark, played by Isaac Hempstead Wright, ends the series in charge of the Seven Kingdoms — well, six kingdoms, thanks to Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) withdrawing from the realm and becoming Queen of the North.

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