FAQ: How To Book Pwd Guest House Online?

How do I book a PWD rest house in Barot?

Booking Process – HP PWD Rest Houses OR FRH. These PWD Rest Houses or Circuit Houses can be booked by getting in touch with the respective booking office mentioned in the list above. You can get in touch with them over the phone, or if you are traveling, then you can directly go to the office and book there.

Who can use Circuit House?

Circuit House is the house for Government officers accommodation. There is one Circuit House per city/small town in all states of India. Who named this as a Circuit house and why called Circuit house?

How can I book govt guest house in Munnar?


  1. Contact Details. Phone: 04865-230385. Mobile: 9495335777. Email: [email protected]
  2. Tourism Department Approved. Year of Approval: 1990.
  3. Accommodation Details. Type. No. of Rooms.
  4. Facility Details. Car Parking. NB: You should not submit anything else other than addition / correction of page content.

How do I book HP Forest Rest House?

HP Forest Rest House Online Booking

  1. Visit the official booking page at Himachalecotourism.Org.
  2. Now the second option is to find if there is a forest rest house available at your desired destination.
  3. Click on any of the places and it will take you to another page.
  4. Select the FRH you wish to book.
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Why is a circuit house called so?

A Circuit House is called ‘ Circuit ‘ because in Government and Law terminology Circuit means an ‘Administrative Division’. Naming it so is just a way to give it an identity separate from regular or public Hotels and Guest Houses.

How can I book Circuit House in Assam?


  1. Eligibility criteria.
  2. Application.
  3. Address Proof.
  4. Photo ID Proof.
  5. Period of Stay and Purposes.
  6. Payment.
  7. Advance Notice.

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