FAQ: How To Book Karnataka Guest House In Tirumala?

How can I book a room in Karnataka one?

  1. Services available through KarnatakaOne: Seva Booking.
  2. Seva Booking: Citizen can book the sevas available at the respective temple under Karnataka State.
  3. Accommodation Booking: Citizen can visit B1 center to book the accommodation for respective temple before two days.
  4. Donation:

How can I book cottage in Tirumala?

Steps to Book Tirumala Accommodation & TTD Rooms Online Booking: Visit ttdsevaonline.com website and login with your registration details. In the services tab, please select the Accommodation button. Now choose Tirumala or Tirupati option.

How do I get accommodation in Tirumala?

Accommodation Online Booking / Advance Booking in Tirumala The accommodation can be booked through the TTD Online website. 50% of the rooms are released for the online booking quota and remaining 50% is released for spot booking quota. This is the only way to book the accommodation in advance in Tirumala.

Where can I book a room in Tirumala?

Top Tirumala OYO Rooms Hotels

  • Save SPOT ON 36583 Hotel Srinivasa Residency to your lists.
  • Save OYO 29754 Sri Lakshmi Srinivasa Grand to your lists.
  • Save OYO 27936 Hotel Welcome Tirupati to your lists.
  • Save OYO Flagship 060 Near Railway Station to your lists.
  • Save OYO 8486 near Railway Station to your lists.
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Can we get private rooms in Tirumala?

There are no private hotels in Tirumala.

What is the room cost in Tirumala?

Tariff for an a/c room is INR 400 to INR 600 and for a non a/c room is INR 200 per night. Other than the main temple, there are many places to visit in Tirupati located close to this temple.

Can we book 2 rooms in Tirumala online?

5. Re: Are we allowed to book 2 rooms on same person name? No Problem. Do carry your valid Id card and if need be explain the reasons for having booked 2 rooms in the same name.

How can I get free accommodation in Tirumala?

For Free Accommodation in Tirumala, Pilgrims need to contact Central Reservation Office (CRO) to avail the Free Cottages. TTD arranges Free accommodation in Choultries with out any charge. Pilgrims can also avail the Free Locker facilities in the cottages.

How can I book VIP room in Tirumala?

You will need to visit JCO Office at Tirumala and they will be able allot you the accommodation. However, please confirm the same at any of the TTD Information Kiosks. I am an ordinary devotee of Lord Venkateshara. Since i am not a VIP, I have not availed any such facility.

Is Darshan allowed in Tirupati?

Though TTD suspended “Sarva Darshanam” (free darshan of the deity) for pilgrims with effect from April 12 in view of the surge in Covid-19 cases, it has been allowing darshan for pilgrims who purchase “special darshan tickets” for ₹300 apiece.

Can we get 300 RS ticket in Tirumala directly?

Devotees will only allow booking of special Darshan tickets of Rs 300 through the Tirupati Balaji portal. No other tickets will be issued by third party websites. There is no ticket for Sarva Darshanam. Special Darshanam and Sarva Darshan timings are from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

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What is current booking in Tirumala?

This booking which a pilgrim books after coming to Tirupati / Tirumala is called as “ Current Booking ”. The following tickets can be availed from the Ticket Counters through the Current Booking instantly.

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