FAQ: How To Become Custom House Agent In India?

How can I become a customs agent in India?

To become a customs officer you have to clear the civil service exam which is conducted by UPSC. Any Indian above the age of 21 years and a graduation degree can appear in the exam. Apart from that, the aspirant must have scored above 55% in his/her graduation.

How much does a cha earn?

Employees at Cha earn an average of ₹11lakhs, mostly ranging from ₹11lakhs per year to ₹11lakhs per year based on 1 profiles. The top 10% of employees earn more than ₹11lakhs per year.

What does custom house agent do?

A customs house agent or CHA is responsible to oversee business transactions related to the import and export of goods at the customs station. The agents look after the various stages of entry or departure of any shipment and maintain itemized, updated accounts of the many details related to import and export.

What is Cha course?

In India, a customs house agent ( CHA ) is licensed to act as an agent for transaction of any business relating to the entry or departure of conveyances or the import or export of goods at a customs station. CHAs maintain detailed, itemized and up-to-date accounts. A CHA license may be temporary or permanent.

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How can I join Customs after 12th?

In Order to Become a customs Officer,the candidate need to Appear for Civil Service Examination. Basic Qualification: The candidate should have a graduate degree from a Recognized University. The candidate should have a minimum 55% marks in graduation.

How can I make custom officer?

Customs Officer Qualifications In order to be a customs officer, one needs to crack the Civil Services Examination which is conducted by the UPSC. So, by the rules for this paper, one needs to be at least 21 years of age in order to appear for the examination and must hold a graduation degree to appear in the test.

How much do cha earn in India?

On average a CHA earn minimum approx. Rs. 20 Lakhs per month.

How do I become a customs clearance agent?

There are no licensing requirements in the UK for a trader to establish themselves as a customs agent. A customs agent’s work is regulated by the complex laws specific to the customs clearance and import /export regulations.

How much does a custom house agent earn?

Custom House Agent salary in India ranges between ₹ 0.2 Lakhs to ₹ 4.3 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 2.0 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 44 salaries received from Custom House Agents.

What is custom clearance process?

Customs clearance work involves preparation and submission of documentations required to facilitate export or imports into the country, representing client during customs examination, assessment, payment of duty and co taking delivery of cargo from customs after clearance along with documents.

What is the difference between freight forwarder and clearing agent?

A freight forwarder has to see to it that the cargo is forwarded as according to the instructions of the client. A clearing agent on the other hand arranges to pass the concerned documents at customs. A freight forwarder normally is the one who prepares bills of lading and the concerned shipping documentation.

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What is the role of a clearing agent?

Clearing Agents’s role: The clearing agent acts on behalf of the shipper (importer or exporter depending on the INCO Terms) and arranges for the customs clearances of the imported goods. The role entails: Collecting payment from the shipper for duties and taxes / VAT and making payment to Customs / SARS authorities.

How can I become a cha?

Diploma in Customs Clearance work from any Institute or University recognized by the Government with a working knowledge of computers and customs procedures, or is a graduate having at least three years experience in transacting Custom House Agent work as a G-Card holder, or a person who has passed the examination

How do I get a cha?

How to Obtain Certification

  1. Purchase your application, study guide, and exam package.
  2. Complete and submit your application and supporting documents.
  3. Upon approval, access resource materials.
  4. Connect with a proctor to complete your exam.

How do you get a cha pass?

Mandatory documents to operate as a New Customs House Agent (Declarent)

  1. Request Letter (Signed by the Proprietor/Partner/Director)
  2. Duly Filed CHA Application.
  3. Business Registration Certificate.
  4. TIN Certificate.
  5. VAT Certificate.

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