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Ferrocement Alternative to Steel Plates & Structurals
Ferrocement plates can be made to develop same strength as that of steel plates. 

* Ferrocement plates do not corrode because it has strong protective crack resistant matrix cover over    the wiremesh reinforcement. 

* Ferrocement plates are economical initially and during its life time because no painting is required as in   the case of steel. 

* Ferrocement structural section such as joists, beams, columns, channels can be manufactured. 

* Ferrocement is far better energy absorbing material than steel. 

* Ferrocement is fire resistant material and can resist temperatures up to 750°C for long period of 48    hours. It can be modified to resist higher temperature up to 1200-1500°C also. 

* Steel plates are used as lost-shuttering for underwater construction of piers, bridges and jetty.    Ferrocement plates for this purpose will be more durable and economical since there is no corrosion. 

* Marine structures such as boats, barges, tankers, floating docks constructed using Ferrocement plates    are more durable and economical than those constructed with steel plates.
Comparison With Reinforced  Cement Concrete
Sketches of R.C.C. & 
Ferrocement Sections
Ferrocement in 
Building Industry
Alternative to Steel Plates 
& Structurals
Tanks, Containers, Silos,
Effluent Treatment 
Plant Structures
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